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Landscapes of Africa – Best Photos

Nothing is as evocative of Africa as the  landscape: the physical territory with lots of long shots, sunsets, sunrises, oceans and deserts. Why it should be so, evocative that is, is a bit of a mystery. But when  I  look at these photos, they cry out, “Africa!” and no other place on earth that I’ve been.

Red soil, red sand, champagne glass shaped trees form the setting for the furry creatures most people go there for: but the most evocative, single thing about the continent for me is the land, ancient and worn, new and untested, puzzling and yet strangely familiar. Hope you enjoy them!

Sunset over Serengeti waterhole


To be included in this “best-of” there should not be animals or people or at least not the focus of the shot. Getting hoards of people, usually kids, out of the photo is an issue for  being included in this post but not for taking pictures.  In Africa,taking photos, I hardly ever thought, “wait till that kid gets out of the shot”.

On the other hand, if there were a tubby tourist with a blue and cream flowered Hawaiian shirt and skin tight, orange Bermuda shorts wearing new silvered Nike’s on the feet, I’d have no trouble waiting. Anybody wearing cameras and/or snapping photos (yes, like I was) also meant I waited or pointed the lens in another direction.

Here’s  what I found in the photo folder one year later thinking “landscapes, yes, they were striking”.

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Birds of Africa – Best Photos

From the hoopoe in Namibia to the crested cranes in Tanzania Africa was a place of marvelous birds and birds very different that the ones we are used to seeing in North America. Only the greater and lesser egrets, gulls (though different ones) and the great blue heron come to mind as birds we are used to seeing here that crossed our path somewhere in the nearly 2 months in southern Africa.

From the Okavango delta to the plains of Serengeti to the Chobe river banks Africa was chock-a-block with peeping, flapping, chirping, kindom animalia, phylum chordata, class aves.

In Africa it’s easy to focus on the big, furry, nursing mammalians but when we got back, there were a surprising number of photos of our avian friends: Africa is a great place for birding. Birders (the real honest-to-goodness fanatical types like Harry and Ted) know this, of course but we novitiates thought only of the hairy things like lions and tigers and bears. Here are the feathered creatures that stayed still long enough to clap a lens on during our seven week trip between Oct. and Nov. of 2009. Hope you enjoy them!

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Reptiles, Plants & Miscellaneous of Africa – Best Photos

This is a catchall post from our Oct. to Nov. 2009 southern Africa trip:  those photos that didn’t belong in one of the big 4 categories.  Where do you put a spitting cobra, e.g.?  Or a tse-tse fly or a termite mound or Mr. and Mrs. Dung Beetle? Well, they just don’t belong with mammals or bird or landscapes, I can tell you that!

Still these are pictures worth looking at (IMO). Hope you enjoy them.

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People of Africa – Best Photos

Aside from the furry, nursing, large and small mammals, we went to Africa to meet and see Africans at home and at work. With varying degrees of success, we did just that between Oct. and Nov. of 2009. Here are the (IMO) best photos of the people we traveled with and the people we encountered. Enjoy!

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Mammals of Africa – Best Photos

Mammals: big and small, furry and nurse their young, our close relatives in the animal kingdom. Unless I miss my guess, mammals are the reason people travel to Africa. Here are the best (IMO) of the previously blogged mammals of Africa taken between October and November of 2009. Hope you enjoy them!

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Lake Malawi – Where The Malawi Are We?

If you were to look back at the series of maps in this blog, you might see that we are winding east and north across the tip of Africa. Now in the country of Malawi – and not one of those famous African countries like Kenya or Egypt but of the smaller, less famous variety. Malawi is heavily populated and hence few animals but possessed of a large inland lake which looks a lot like the ocean when you’re standing on the shore.

This was a place to go SCUBA diving in fresh water for the first

We landed at Kande Beach resort for three nights – kind of a bore after all the neat game drives and such but not a bad place to spend a few days. The diving was nice, unspectacular and Kande Beach is a long way away from anything. Bar, the lake for swimming, sunbathing if you’re angling for skin cancer. We got a small cabin for $40-50 a night though we could have camped out for free. Small bathroom, complete with lizards and mangoes falling off the tree onto the roof.

The only relief was a wonderful storm that built up over the lake and swept us all along with it, knocking out the ever tenuous lights/electricity but not severe enough to cause the beer to overheat.

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Africa – Not Yet In Focus

4732 Miles Dubai to Cape Town, SA

The main purpose of going on this 7 week trip to Africa and the Middle East (ok, I’ll capitalize it!) was the single, 6-week component of travel with Africa-In-Focus.  The link is to the very nice website of the very nice tour company whose focus was photography… in Africa.   That link is also the particular 43 day tour we proposed to take called the South East Explorer, said company having been recommended at various places on the web.

But we are not there yet.  We are arriving in Cape Town, South Africa 4 days early. Us senior citizens needed a while for our constitutions to settle a bit.  We gained back 3 of those timezones lost flying over the pole to Dubai.  We were now only 9 hours ahead of PST or US west coast time. Just try going to bed at 1pm and see how you like it!

BTW – If you click on the photo strip on the right, you’ll be transported to the Flickr account where there are tons of animals in sets by week—–>

The AiF (Africa In Focus) Tour In A Nutshell

  • Our route is north from Cape Town through Namibia
  • Turn right/east to and across Botswana
  • Continue straight ahead/east into Zambia – first half completed
  • Continuing on eastward through Zambia to start the second half
  • North through Malawi which is unmarked on the map, just between Mozambique and Zimbabwe
  • Finally north into “safari-central” in Tanzania
  • C’mon! The bus is waiting.

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