Africa – Not Yet In Focus

4732 Miles Dubai to Cape Town, SA

The main purpose of going on this 7 week trip to Africa and the Middle East (ok, I’ll capitalize it!) was the single, 6-week component of travel with Africa-In-Focus.  The link is to the very nice website of the very nice tour company whose focus was photography… in Africa.   That link is also the particular 43 day tour we proposed to take called the South East Explorer, said company having been recommended at various places on the web.

But we are not there yet.  We are arriving in Cape Town, South Africa 4 days early. Us senior citizens needed a while for our constitutions to settle a bit.  We gained back 3 of those timezones lost flying over the pole to Dubai.  We were now only 9 hours ahead of PST or US west coast time. Just try going to bed at 1pm and see how you like it!

BTW – If you click on the photo strip on the right, you’ll be transported to the Flickr account where there are tons of animals in sets by week—–>

The AiF (Africa In Focus) Tour In A Nutshell

  • Our route is north from Cape Town through Namibia
  • Turn right/east to and across Botswana
  • Continue straight ahead/east into Zambia – first half completed
  • Continuing on eastward through Zambia to start the second half
  • North through Malawi which is unmarked on the map, just between Mozambique and Zimbabwe
  • Finally north into “safari-central” in Tanzania
  • C’mon! The bus is waiting.

    2 Responses to “Africa – Not Yet In Focus”

    1. February 25, 2010 at 2:06 am

      Hey, Terry,
      Just looked at the Dubai photos of those hotels–such a waste of money…we pathetic humans haven’t learned anything since building those ziggurats in O.T. times. I was happy to see your photos of Dubai’s backside–travel magazines don’t show those parts of course.

      A few days ago I talked to my son in Netherlands and he was working feverishly on a national archieve project for the King of Bahrain. Why they chose an architecture firm in NL I don’t know. The world is getting so small it will soon collapse on itself. Oh, thinking of 7-star hotels I recommend a DVD (movie) called 9-Star Hotel. It shows a tender side of some teen-age Muslim boys, the way religion is meant to be, minus all the imposed trappings.

      Shan’t be at the March book club; in Berkeley and SF instead. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in April.


      • February 25, 2010 at 3:43 am

        Thanks for the nice words. Yes, Dubai had a lot of money (ours, mostly) and chose to spend a lot of it on tall buildings. Now they are nearly bankrupt. Maybe there’s a lesson in there for countries to spend their treasure on their people and not on monuments to their ego. In the US we prefer to spend our money blowing up people who threaten to oppose our insatiable appetite for petroleum.

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